"Everything that can be invented has been invented."
Charles H. Duell, Commissioner, U.S. Office of Patents, 1899
Phone Answering Robot, 1964
Just when you think answering machines are getting smaller 
Showers Hood, 1970
For all that annoying water
when you get into the shower
Cigarette Pack Holder, 1955
When your in a hurry
to meet your maker
Illuminated Tires, 1961
Now that's an
enlighting idea
Rainy Day Cigarette Holder 1954
Smoking in the rain,
just smoking in the rain
Mini TV, 1966
It will never catch on, who
would watch a 3" screen
My 1st Computer, 1959
Boy have we come
a long way
My 1st Cell Phone, 1968
Looked and weighed
similar to a brick
Wearable TV, 1950's
And hardly noticeable
The Firebird III, 1968
Can't you just see this car in your garage
Electric Car, 1973
It only took 600 D size batteries
Peddle Faster
He's getting away
1964 Ford Seattle
The First Car with a Smoking Section
Ever think about how the cell phone was invented soon after this show
I thought for sure I would be driving
something like this by now

The first bean powered chair